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                JOB TITLE:  Regional Marketing & Communication Specialist

                DEPARTMENT:   BBIO Global Marketing & Communications Function


                SUMMARY: The candidate will coordinate regional marketing & communications activities mainly in China and also in APAC region except Japan.  This encompasses Events coordination and support for the local market communications. The position is based in our Beijing office. The candidate will work in an international team.

                The position is opened from March 2019 on.




                Events coordination (50%)


                · Responsible of the coordination of conferences and tradeshow including logistics (i.e., space booking, utilities etc., hotel reservations, catering, shipping of show materials as needed)

                · Ensures maximal brand visibility at these events while staying in the defined budget

                · Reports on lead generation at events & manages upload to SF. com

                · In charge of successfully organizing the Bruker BioSpin Users’ Meeting in all major cities in China and other APAC countries

                · Responsible of the coordination and integration of marketing activities with other Bruker divisions at joint events (e.g. BCEIA, Analytica China and other cross segment events…)

                · Requires occasional show participation to manage on site events. This may represent up to 25% of the time (up to 40/50 days per year)

                · Supports marketing/sales teams while off site at tradeshows


                Advertisement online and offline (20%)

                Manages the online booths, e.g. regular update of materials (all collaterals) on the online booths platforms, providing a monthly reporting on online booth tracking and the results (clicks, leads)

                Consolidates the leads from online resources and upload to salesforce.com

                Coordinates the webinars and other online activities

                Search and recommend advertisement opportunities to promote the company and products


                Web & Digital content coordination 10%)

                Realizes audit of immediate fixes to be applied to Bruker.com/cn

                Updates on a frequent basis bruker.com/cn (events, product pages, news)

                Optimizes SEO/SEA program on bruker.com/cn

                Coordinates and executes the animation local Social Media channels (different WeChat accounts)

                Reports on a monthly basis of the Social Media activity and lead generation

                Supports the web site launch in 2019

                Supports pre- and post-event digital activities: emailing’s, special actions, online survey


                Internal Procedures coordination (20%)

                · Coordinates collateral translations, print and distribution

                · Coordinates the print of brochures and posters, orders the goodies, and other collaterals

                · Assists in general office/marketing administrative duties,

                · Coordinates and source the stock of local promotional items

                · Ensures successful collaboration with the logistics team

                · Supports global communications team


                Supervisory Responsibilities:     


                (2) No supervisory responsibilities.



                · Bachelor’s degree required, advanced degree a plus. Marketing degree or formalized training desired

                · Spoken language: Fluent in English & Chinese, others would be a plus

                · Three to five years’ experience in a Marketing & Communications or similar role required

                · Missions should be done with a high degree of autonomy. Due to the multiple missions candidates should be able to manage different projects and tasks simultaneously, in the perfect respect of the time constraints with an extreme attention to details and the end quality. The candidate must be available to travel to the most important events (25% per year)

                · Excellent skills in planning, prioritizing and organizing, able to meet deadlines

                · Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work effectively cross-functionally in an international team and environment

                · Genuine interest in technology and research



                Education and/or Experience: at least 3/5 years’ experience in events coordination


                Computer Skills: Basics software knowledge: Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Pack, marketing automation platforms such as Act-on, Marketo, Salesforce.com would be a plus.              


                WORK ENVIRONMENT: The candidate will work in an international team and be located in Beijing China. The candidate must be available to travel to the most important events.  Usual office working conditions with a large percentage of time spent using a computer.


                招聘职位: 市场专员 我要应聘

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